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Before You Pop Another Breath Mint, Consider Calling the Dentist

bad breath | gum disease treatment nederland tx

Bad breath can occur because of eating something garlicky or full of onions, but that is a different kind of bad breath than the kind that indicates the presence of gum disease and bacteria. How do you know when it’s time to make a trip to your dentist in Nederland, TX? Here are a few tips, and some advice, on when bad breath might be more serious.

Mints Don’t Do the Trick

If you rinse with mouthwash constantly or pop breath mints like crazy and your breath is still emitting a foul odor, it’s time to make an appointment with your dentist to find out the cause. You can also follow ...

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What to Expect at Your Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment | Nederland, TX Dentist

At Nederland Family Dental, we treat each of our patients individually and with their best oral health in mind. Since gum disease puts your oral health and your overall health at risk, prioritizing this treatment is essential. We will always take care of any underlying gum disease before beginning restorative or surgical services because the infection can spread throughout your mouth and your body.

Many patients who suffer from gum disease are concerned that treatment will be painful. The truth is that most dentistry today can be done with minimal discomfort. Your comfort is a priority, and we will always check in throughout your appointment to make sure you do ...

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New Research, Gum Disease in Older Women, and the Oral-Systemic Link

Gum Disease Southeast TX

Patients face different oral health challenges at every stage of life. Kids may be more susceptible to cavities while older patients may struggle with tooth loss or gum recession.

At Nederland Family Dental, we customize treatment so that you always receive the care you need to stay healthy – for a lifetime!

Women’s Oral Health

Recent research reveals that women face oral health challenges during and after menopause. Fluctuations in hormones affect oral health. Most notably, this can be observed as a greater instance of gum disease developing during pregnancy. This condition, known as pregnancy gingivitis, often resolves after the birth of the child.

When going through menopause, the entire cycle of which ...

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Signs of Gum Disease

Gum Disease in Nederland TX, Nederland Family Dental

If you think you need gum treatment in Southeast, TX, give us a call! Our highly skilled hygiene team are all experts at helping our patients get back on track to good health.

Gum disease can spring up quickly. It most often occurs in patients who neglect their home care or professional dental cleanings, but it can actually happen to usually healthy patients because of changing medical or hormonal conditions. It is important to recognize the signs of gum disease so that you can seek help right away. Without treatment, gum disease rarely resolves on its own. In fact, it may dramatically worsen in a short period of time because ...

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