Root Canals in Nederland, TX

When your tooth is in trouble, we can sometimes save it with root canal therapy. Occasionally, teeth become deeply infected or abscessed, and the options are to either extract your tooth or attempt to save it with a root canal. At Nederland Family Dental, we believe saving your tooth is important.

Why Save a Tooth?

It may seem like a lot of trouble to save one tooth, but keeping your natural tooth is preferable for several reasons. Your natural tooth helps maintain the integrity of your dentistry, is less expensive than tooth replacement, and maintains your bone health.

Extracting a tooth creates another set of challenges, including determining the best way to replace your missing tooth. Implants are a preferred method but require more time to heal than a root canal and crown.

In addition to the negative effect it can have on your appearance, a gap in your smile could lead to other, more serious dental issues like shifting teeth, bad occlusion (bite), and bone loss.

What Are the Symptoms?

When you need a root canal, the most common symptoms include pain, swelling, pressure, sensitivity to hot and cold, and a small pimple-like protrusion on your gums.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Do?

When we perform a root canal for you, we eliminate the infection and infected tissue inside your tooth, relieving the pain and symptoms you likely experienced. We start by making sure you are comfortable. Next, we gain access to your tooth’s root by making a tiny hole in your tooth. Then G. Whitney Gomez DDS will completely clean out your tooth’s root, including the nerve, pulp, and infection. Then, he will sterilize the inside of your tooth to ensure no infection remains.

Once we complete the cleaning out process, we will fill your tooth with an inert material and any medication necessary to keep the area clear from infection, then we fill the hole we made for access to your tooth. Our doctor will help with any pain management necessary while you heal. You should feel significantly better in a few days.

We allow your body time to heal and schedule a follow-up exam. If all looks well, we can release you from root canal treatment.

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

When we remove the matter from inside your tooth, it may make your tooth brittle and more susceptible to cracks and damage. That is why we often recommend a dental crown on your root canal tooth in order to protect it from day-to-day wear caused by chewing and talking. A crown is especially important if your root canal is on your molar where much of the force from chewing occurs.

Call Us – We Can Help

Do you have symptoms indicating the need for root canal therapy? Schedule an appointment at our Nederland dental office. Our skilled dentist will offer a diagnosis and the options that may work best for you. Waiting too long can lead to tooth loss, so call right away and allow us to help you get back on track with your dental health.