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How We Take Care of a Broken Tooth

June 5, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Gomez
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A broken tooth can cause alarm, especially if it becomes painful. If you have a dental emergency in Southeast, TX and find yourself without a dental home, we invite you to Nederland Family Dental where we will look after you when you need us most. 

Since leaving dental emergencies untreated can be risky for your oral health and lead to a painful toothache, we prioritize dental emergencies.

We can restore most broken teeth with a dental crown, covering the remaining tooth structure and preventing further damage. 

Dental crowns come in all-metal (usually gold), metal and porcelain blends, or all-porcelain varieties. The type that will give you the most protection depends on your unique situation. 

Let’s look at the process and what you can expect.

If you break a tooth, contact us right away. We understand you might not feel your best when you arrive, but you can count on our friendly team to put you at ease.

Our dental assistant will take an x-ray. An x-ray shows Dr. Gomez the extent of the damage and rules out any additional fractures beneath the gumline.

Options For A Broken Tooth

You have options! Many people prefer attractive tooth-colored crowns. Dr. Gomez will make a recommendation for your restoration. Some small chips may only need a filling, but your posterior (back) teeth should have more protection since they handle the work of chewing.

We always discuss the cost of treatment before we get started and help you determine your insurance benefits. Many insurance plans cover about 50 percent of your restorative procedure once you meet the deductible. We offer CareCredit for patients who need some time to pay for their treatment.

If you experience a dental emergency in Southeast, TX, don’t put off your appointment! Nederland Family Dental will provide you with high-quality dentistry you can count on.

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