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How to Clean an Invisalign Retainer

January 27, 2020
Posted By: Nederland Family Dental
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Crooked and misaligned teeth can affect your oral health, your ability to chew properly, and your appearance. If you've taken the tremendous step towards self-improvement known as Invisalign, we will provide you with a series of plastic retainers to gently shift your teeth into their proper position. It's essential to care for these retainers so you can get the most out of your orthodontic treatment (and avoid costly replacements).

How to Clean Your Invisalign Retainer

The good news for our Nederland, TX patients is that maintaining your Invisalign retainer is incredibly easy and straightforward. Every time you brush your teeth, you should rinse your retainer under lukewarm water (hot water can warp and damage the retainer). Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or special retainer brush and toothpaste, gently brush the retainer on the inside and outside. Once the retainer looks completely clean, rinse it with lukewarm water. Always inspect your retainer for signs of tartar build-up. You'll notice a white film on the plastic that clouds its appearance. 

If there is plaque or calcium build-up, you can soak your retainer in a special cleaning solution according to its product instructions. Once your Invisalign retainer is sparkly clean, you can pop it back in your mouth. 

Further Invisalign Care

Alongside daily cleaning, you should remove your Invisalign plastic retainers any time you eat. Only use the recommended cleaning solution so that you don't corrode the plastic. Dr. Gomez can make recommendations if you are unsure. Do not use mouthwash on Invisalign unless you want to tint the plastic. 

Any hot or even warm water can distort the retainer's shape, which may need to be replaced. 

Call Us for Additional Tips

If you are unsure how to maintain your Invisalign retainers, please give the dental team at Nederland Family Dental a call today so we can schedule a dental appointment. 

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