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Misconceptions about Root Canals

July 20, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Gomez
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When we discuss the need for root canal treatment at our Southeast, TX dental office, we can see the look of dread on our patients’ faces. There are many misconceptions about root canal therapy that give the procedure a bad name. Many of the fears and ideas about root canal therapy are unjustified because a root canal treatment, when done properly, can actually save your tooth!

Misconception #1: Root Canals Hurt!

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not what causes the pain you are experiencing. It is actually the pain associated with the infection in your tooth that causes tooth pain. Root canal therapy actually relieves those symptoms by cleaning out the infection in your tooth. It is normal for your tooth to feel sensitive for a couple of days as it heals, but you should feel gradual improvement each day.

Misconception #2: Root Canals Are Expensive!

Root canal therapy is a skill that requires experience and precision. A root canal is an investment in saving your natural tooth. In most cases, the alternative is to have your tooth extracted. Replacing a missing tooth is much more costly than root canal therapy combined with a dental crown. Additionally, your natural teeth are the best way to protect your oral health. Tooth loss puts your oral health in danger.

Misconception #3: Root Canals Require a Specialist

Dr. Gomez is highly skilled when it comes to root canal treatment. We can perform most root canals in our dental office without the need for a referral. In some cases, we may recommend a specialist, but only if we think it would provide a better outcome for you.

Root Canals in Southeast TX

We also offer the high-quality dental crowns that are necessary to protect your root canal tooth after treatment is successfully completed.

If you have tooth pain or need a root canal in Southeast, TX, give us a call!


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