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Questions to Ask at Your Next Dental Cleaning

October 27, 2021
Posted By: Nederland Family Dental
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Preventive dental teeth cleanings and checkups every six months are a critical part of maintaining your dental health and your general health and well-being. These appointments are also an excellent opportunity to ask your dentist questions about your dental health and discuss any concerns you may have about your smile.

Here are a few topics and questions to consider discussing with your dentist at your next preventive appointment.

#1 How Can I Improve My Home Care Routine

Your Nederland dentist and hygienist are great resources for information about products and routines you can implement at home to protect your smile. For example, if you're not using one yet, you may want to consider investing in an electric toothbrush to do some of the hard work of brushing for you. Or, perhaps you can amp up your cavity protection routine with an antibacterial mouth rinse.

#2 Are There Any Dental Treatments I Should Consider in the Future?

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination at your preventive checkup. They'll be checking the health of your current restorations (crowns or fillings), as well as looking for any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease.

In the world of dentistry, prevention is the key and treating problems as early as possible typically saves you time and money in the long run.

#3 Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

Did you know that oral cancer is responsible for one death every hour in America? Your dentist in Nederland will screen you for oral cancer during their visual exam of your mouth. However, if you're a smoker or have oral cancer in your family history, you might want to talk with your dentist about a more in-depth screening.

#4 What Can I Do About Teeth Grinding?

Clenching and grinding your teeth (bruxism) at night is a common problem that many people face. Bruxism can cause a lot of damage to your teeth, such as fractures, cracks, and premature wear.

If you suspect that you suffer from bruxism, your dentist may recommend a protective nightguard to wear while you sleep.

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