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Situations That Require Dental Extractions

May 20, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Gomez
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No one wants to lose teeth and at Nederland Family Dental, we strive to save your natural teeth whenever possible. We work with patients to have better preventive care routines including dental exams, cleanings, and good home care habits to keep your health on track. Sometimes, in spite of the best plans to keep you healthy, the unexpected occurs – dental extractions.

At our Southeast Texas dental office, we do our best to make extractions comfortable, painless, and easy on our patients. We even offer sedation dentistry for those patients who want it.

When Dental Extractions are Necessary 

  • Wisdom teeth – while not all wisdom teeth are bad guys, sometimes there simply is not enough room in your mouth for them. They may grow in at odd angles, making them painful or preventing them from erupting altogether. We can evaluate your wisdom teeth to determine if they will cause you trouble.
  • Trauma – Having a sports or car accident is an unexpected way to irreversibly damage a tooth. In some cases, it is necessary to remove it for your comfort. In these cases, we will always make sure to have a wide range of tooth replacement options to repair and complete your smile.
  • Infection – Sometimes teeth become so badly infected that saving it becomes impossible. Teeth that have succumbed to periodontal disease or from an internal infection may need to be removed to protect your other teeth and your overall health.
  • Orthodontics – Certain orthodontic conditions require the removal of teeth so that your smile can be properly aligned. We will provide an orthodontic evaluation to determine if you require an extraction for this reason.

Dental Extractions in Southeast TX 

Are you looking for a gentle dentist to perform dental extractions in Southeast Texas? Contact Nederland Family Dental and schedule your next dental appointment. We will help you achieve your healthiest smile!

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