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Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

invisalign | nederland tx Do you wish your teeth were straight? You’re not alone! Many of our patients want a straight, beautiful smile, but shy away from traditional braces because they can’t imagine years of brackets and wires. If you are looking for an alternative to orthodontics, we offer Invisalign in our Southeast Texas dental office.

Many patients seeking orthodontic treatment wonder if they are good candidates for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign works best for older teens and adult patients with straightforward orthodontic needs. 

Invisalign can correct:

  • Gaps in your smile
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overlapping or crowded teeth
  • Protruding teeth

If you have a complex surgical or jaw-related problem, Invisalign may not be the best option for you. We can help you get the smile you have always wanted and provide you with treatment options so that your results are both beautiful and comfortable. Invisalign works for most patients and we can discuss your treatment times along with what to expect during treatment at your consultation.

The success of any orthodontic treatment depends on your compliance. Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you may be tempted to “cheat” on your treatment by not wearing them as much as you should. Your treatment will progress faster and you will be able to enjoy a new smile sooner if you diligently follow our treatment recommendations.

Invisalign provides many benefits that our patients appreciate:

  • Completely clear
  • Removable
  • Convenient brushing and flossing
  • No sharp brackets
  • No “tightening” appointments
  • Dental cleanings are easy
  • Unrestricted diet

If you would like more information about Invisalign in Southeast Texas, we encourage you to give us a call and set up an exam with Dr. Whitney Gomez to learn about all of your options for a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile.

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