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How do dental crowns work?

dental crown | cosmetic dentistry | nederland txDental Crowns at Nederland Family Dental

Like other restorations, dental crowns are designed to restore the health of your teeth. However, dental crowns offer an additional function – they protect your tooth from breaking.

Dental crowns fit over your natural tooth, like a protective cover. They cover your tooth completely from your gumline to your chewing surface. We design them to work well with your bite and fit your opposing teeth so that chewing is comfortable.

We recommend dental crowns when the structure of your tooth is compromised. You may have deep decay, a cracked tooth, a split tooth, or a tooth that had a root canal. Some root canal teeth require dental crowns because teeth become brittle after root canal procedures.

Getting a Dental Crown

At Nederland Family Dental, we create custom dental crowns for our patients. We start by removing all decay or damaged tooth structure and creating a core buildup, if necessary. A core buildup adds to your natural tooth structure giving your crown a stable foundation.

Next, we create a temporary crown to hold you over until we receive your permanent crown from our dental lab. Each crown is designed to fit with your other teeth and comes in porcelain, which we can shade to look like your other teeth, or a variety of metals. Call our office to get your consultation. 


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