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What if I have a dental emergency?

dental emergency | nederland txCall Immediately if You Have a Dental Emergency

While we do our very best to provide you with dentistry in a timely fashion and take preventative measures to avoid dental emergencies, they do sometimes happen. We encourage you to call us right away so that we can restore your comfort and help you to avoid any further damage to your teeth. Calling right away also allows us to try to fit you in our schedule the same day.

We want you to feel completely supported. Once you are a patient of record, our doctor is on call 24/7 for your dental emergencies. All it takes is a phone call to the office to take care of you. We can assess the situation over the phone, and we may request that you come in for an emergency dental exam right away.

Don't Postpone Calling

Postponing emergency dental treatment usually only makes the condition worse. In some cases, like an infection or a cracked tooth, it may even result in tooth loss. So the sooner you call us, the better. Our helpful team members will ask you a few questions so that we know how to best prepare for your arrival.

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