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How do frenectomies work?

laser dentistry | cosmetic dentistry | nederland txUnless you have a child with a large or restrictive frenum, you may not be familiar with the term frenectomy. The bands of tissue that attach your lips to your gums between your upper and lower center teeth are called frena. You have two of them. Problems such as tongue-ties or a diastema occur when the frena are too thick, bulky, or too long. A simple surgery can fix the problem so that your child develops normally.

Traditional periodontal surgery requires shortening or removal of frena using the scapel-and-stiches method. Laser dentistry eliminates the need for a painful surgical treatment by using laser light energy to reduce the inhibitive tissue of the frenum. You can expect little to no bleeding, only mild discomfort, and faster healing times with laser dentistry.

Other Laser Dentistry Procedures

In addition to frenectomies, laser dentistry provides comfortable solutions for gingival sculpting, or reducing a gummy smile. We can also use dental lasers to improve periodontal health by eliminating damaged tissue or bacteria and promoting regenerative tissue growth when recession occurs.

If you want more information about laser dentistry and you live in the southeast TX area, contact Nederland Family Dental to discover the possibilities that modern dentistry offers to our patients.

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