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What is gingival gum sculpting?

gum disease treatment | nederland txIf you have gums that look too prevalent or cover too much of your teeth, creating the look of a gummy smile, we can help you with gingival gum sculpting right here in our Nederland, TX dental office.

Sometimes the appearance of your gums can ruin an otherwise beautiful smile. Your teeth may appear too short or small because of excessive gum tissue. Gingival gum sculpting, when used with dental restorations or on its own, can result in a beautiful outcome.

Why Use Laser Dentistry?

We use laser energy to perform periodontal surgeries at Nederland Family Dental because laser dentistry has a number of benefits over traditional surgeries:

  • Faster healing times – We can precisely remove tissue, leaving healthy tissue behind. Laser dentistry cuts and seals gingival tissue, eliminating the need for stitches.
  • Greater comfort – Laser treatment is more comfortable than traditional surgery. Patients experience shorter downtimes and can get back to eating comfortably faster.
  • Greater precision – More precise gingival sculpting is possible with laser dentistry of the super fine light beam that is used. 

If you have a gummy smile or would like more information about what to expect with gingival gum sculpting, contact our Nederland, TX dental office and schedule a consultation.

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