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Is paying to professionally whiten my teeth really worth it?

If you have yellow teeth or unwanted stains on your smile, perhaps you’ve considered picking up a professional teeth whitening in nederland txstore-bought teeth whitening kit. While it can be tempting to turn to inexpensive drugstore teeth bleaching products, you should consider professional teeth whitening if you want consistent and customized results that will last. 

For most patients, there’s a big difference in their results when they choose to whiten professionally. Why? Because unlike with boxed, one-size-fits-all whitening treatments from the store, a licensed professional will supervise your teeth whitening and provide you with a product that’s designed with your specific mouth in mind.

Our professional teeth whitening in Nederland, TX allows us to customize the strength of your whitening gel, as not everyone has the same whitening needs. With our take-home teeth bleaching trays, you’ll always have a whitening mold that fits your mouth perfectly. 

When you use drugstore products, you’re stuck with strips or trays that are generic and mass-produced. These products can’t fit everyone well, and you may end up with missed spots on your teeth or sensitivity in your gums as a result. 

In short, professional teeth whitening will provide better, more reliable results that typically last longer and create less irritation than boxed bleaching products. To learn more, give our Nederland dentist a call and schedule a teeth whitening consultation! 

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