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What problems does laser dentistry help with?

Laser Dentistry is Safe and Effective! 

Laser dentistry is an innovative way to perform soft tissue surgeries without the typical cutting and stitches. Instead, laser light energy allows us to remove diseased, damaged, or excess tissue precisely, while still leaving healthy and functional tissue behind.

Laser treatment is much faster than traditional methods, resulting in less time in the dental chair for you. We prioritize patient comfort and will make sure you are completely numb before getting started.

By using laser light energy to perform the surgery, patients can enjoy many benefits including:laser dentistry | cosmetic dentist | nederland

  • Faster healing
  • Greater comfort
  • Less bleeding
  • Greater precision
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Infection control
  • Expedited healing of canker and cold sores

Most of our patients are surprised how fast and comfortable laser dentistry treatment can be compared to traditional gum surgeries. This is why we implemented laser dentistry services at our Nederland, TX dental office. We strive to incorporate the latest technology into our dental practice as an investment in our patients.

Scheduling Your Laser Dentistry Appointment

If you suffer from gum disease and are facing surgery, contact us to learn more about how laser dentistry can benefit you. We are happy to welcome new patients, and we strive to help each patient achieve optimum oral health and a beautiful smile.

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