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Will I need a shot?

Dentist Nederland TX | Professional Dental CleaningsThis is probably the most asked question we get from our patients. The answer is “sometimes.” We can complete some procedures without the need of a shot. If you have a shallow cavity or a dental bonding procedure, we may be able to perform the needed treatment without using anesthetic, but in other cases, like dental crowns or deep decay, you will feel more comfortable for your procedure if we numb you.

Comfort Is Our Priority

Even if you do need a shot, you should know that we are expert shot givers. We do this a lot and have mastered the technique in both adults and kids. Often the anticipation of receiving the shot is worse than the shot itself. For that reason, we keep syringes and other scary looking instruments out of sight so that they don't create any unnecessary anxiety.

Two of the responses we most often hear from our patients are, “Wow! I didn’t even feel that!” and “You already gave me a shot?” Our doctor does a fantastic job at making the experience as pain-free as possible.

We also work closely with a pharmacist who especially makes numbing gels and rinses to minimize feeling any injection. In other words, we can numb you before we numb you so that you don’t feel the injection or your procedure. 

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