Dentures and Partials in Nederland, TX

Have you lost teeth and need a solution so that you can stay healthy and eat the foods you like? Many of us take the ability to chew for granted, but if you are limited in the foods you can eat due to extracted teeth, you probably miss eating some of your favorites. In fact, many of the most nutritious foods require you to do a lot of chewing, such as fruits and vegetables.

Are your old dentures fitting badly and in need of repair or replacement? How your dentures fit can change over time due to changes in your bone structure. Ill-fitting dentures create sores, fall out while you are chewing or talking, and can require pastes and adhesives to help them stay in place. While adhesives can help, they make a poor long-term solution.

At Nederland Family Dental, we do not cut corners when it comes to designing the perfect dentures to meet your lifestyle. We stay on top of the latest developments and techniques, and we work with a skilled dental lab in order to ensure comfortable dentures for our patients.

We offer partial removable dentures, complete removable dentures, and implant-supported dentures. A full evaluation in our Nederland, TX dental office can help us determine the best options for you.

High-Quality Partial Removable Dentures in the 77627 Area 

We recommend partial dentures for patients who are missing some but not all, of their teeth on either their upper or lower arch. Typically, partial dentures are made of a combination of resin, metal, or both and hold custom, artificial teeth designed to match your natural teeth so that they look realistic.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your partial dentures is necessary in order to ensure they last a long time. If you feel like they need adjusting, G. Whitney Gomez DDS can adjust them for you so that they fit comfortably.

Comfortable and Functional Complete Dentures

We recommend complete dentures for patients missing all of their teeth on their upper or lower arch. A good fit for complete dentures is essential because you do not have natural teeth helping to anchor them. We spend the time necessary to make sure we create dentures that work well for our patients. Having the ability to eat in comfort is essential in maintaining your health and wellness.

Complete dentures consist of a resin base and natural-looking artificial teeth. We create them with both aesthetics and function in mind. Bulky, fake-looking dentures are outdated. Today's dentures look more natural than ever.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For many of our patients, implant-supported dentures are an excellent alternative because dental implants can act as anchors to hold your denture in place. We use the All-on-4 method that allows edentulous (without teeth) patients to have secure fitting dentures.

Call Us for a Denture Evaluation

Do you need dentures or are your current dentures fitting badly? Call our Nederland, TX dental office for an evaluation with our gifted dentist. Our dentist listens to the concerns of our patients and develop a treatment plan suited to their needs and lifestyles.