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Dealing with Dental Anxiety

November 2, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Gomez
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Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, but there are some that experience such a high level of anxiety and discomfort that they avoid the dentist completely. Yet, it is still important to make regular visits to the dentist to help maintain good oral health. At Nederland Family Dentistry we offer sedation dentistry to help people with dental anxiety feel more at ease during procedures. 

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a serious problem for some people, making it nearly impossible to go to the dentist for even noninvasive procedures like routine cleanings. About twenty percent of Americans have such high anxiety that they will only go to the dentist when it is absolutely necessary and they are experiencing pain. When these people avoid the dentist for too long, it may lead to them developing issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. 

One of the most common reasons people experience dental anxiety is because they have had a bad experience at a previous dental visit. When they don’t have proper anesthetic or experience pain during a procedure it can be hard to return, especially if this happens at a young age. Those with general anxiety may also have a problem going to the dentist regularly. 

Sedation Dentistry

Those who experience dental anxiety now have the option of sedation dentistry. Dr. G. Whitney Gomez specializes in conscious sedation which allows you to be relaxed while still awake in order to answer questions during the procedure. Often times, patients will have little to no memory of the procedure after the sedation wears off. Conscious sedation is ideal for most procedures, especially routine cleanings when the dentist needs you to be aware and in control of your body so you can follow direction. 

Experience it for Yourself

We understand that going to the dentist can be an overwhelming experience for some and strive to make our patients as relaxed and comfortable as we can. If you live in the Nederland, TX area and would like more information on sedation dentistry and how it can help you, please contact our office today!

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