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Ways Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

August 23, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Gomez
Dental Bonding in Nederland TX

When considering cosmetic dentistry, knowing all of your options is important. One commonly overlooked cosmetic dental procedure is called cosmetic dental bonding. Not only is cosmetic dental bonding a less invasive option compared to crowns and veneers, it is also more affordable.

Cosmetic dental bonding works by adding to existing tooth structure using a tooth-colored material called composite. Composite is applied in layers and hardened using a curing light. The dentist adjusts the shape and polishes the composite to a shine so that your tooth and bonding blend together.

Here are a few ways that dental bonding can improve your smile.

Keeping Healthy Tooth Structure

Veneers and crowns provide great results for patients looking to improve the appearance of their teeth, but if you only need small corrections, crowns and veneers may be less appealing because it requires the removal of healthy tooth structure.

Repairing Small Flaws

If you have a chip on your tooth, you probably notice that is easily discolored from coffee, tea, or red wine. That is because the protective enamel has been compromised. By filling in a small chip with composite, your tooth will be more uniform in color.

We also use dental bonding to close small gaps and to correct the appearance of oddly shaped teeth. Since bonding will be matched to your existing tooth color, you may choose to whiten your teeth before beginning other cosmetic treatment.

Affordable and Fast Treatment

On most cases, we can complete cosmetic dental bonding in one appointment because bonding does not require the additional step of using a dental lab. Since bonding material is inexpensive and relatively efficient, it usually costs less than more complex cosmetic procedures, making a beautiful smile available to people who need to watch their budgets.

If you want to learn if you are a good candidate for dental bonding, contact our Nederland, TX dental office to arrange a consultation.

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