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Why do I need a filling?

Reasons Why You Need a Dental Filling

One of the most common preventable conditions in children and adults is tooth decay. While advancements in hygiene and water fluoridation have dramatically decreased the instancesdental filings | general dentistry | nederland tx of decay, most of us will end up with at least one filling over the course of our lifetimes.

If you have decay, you will need a filling once Dr. Whitney Gomez removes the bacteria and damaged tooth structure. Your filling will seal your tooth and prevent additional bacteria and decay from taking hold.

Getting a Dental Filling 

At Nederland Family Dental, we provide durable and attractive tooth-colored dental fillings in our Nederland, TX dental office that will blend in with your natural teeth and your smile. Tooth-colored fillings are less sensitive because they are not susceptible to temperature changes from food and beverages that are common with amalgams. They also provide a solution to small chips in the teeth that can collect stains and appear dark.

We diagnose decay with a visual exam and diagnostic x-rays. X-rays are a crucial part of diagnosing oral conditions because they reveal conditions between teeth and enamel that are not visible to the naked eye alone.

If you suspect you need dental fillings, contact our Nederland, TX dental office to book an appointment. We make patient comfort a priority.

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