PRF Therapy

PRF at Nederland Family Dental 

At Nederland Family Dental, our doctors are always searching for new ways to help our patients become healthier, happier, and more beautiful. We're proud to offer PRF treatments for dental procedures. PRF uses the power of your own cells to speed healing and reduce pain after dental surgery. 

What is PRF? 

PRF is Platelet Rich Fibrin.  We produce it by taking a little bit of your own blood and using a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets, white blood cells, growth factors and healing factors that is the parts of your blood that encourage tissue growth and promote healing.  When we use PRF during surgery, patients heal faster, have a lower risk of complications, and feel less pain.  Your body knows how to heal your bones and gums.  We deliver the cells that jumpstart that healing process directly to the surgical site to speed your recovery time. 

Benefits of PRF 

Why is PRF so useful in dental procedures? 

  • It’s a totally natural and safe material.  It’s part of your blood, so your body recognizes it.  
  • PRF therapy releases growth factors so that your soft tissue regenerates more quickly. 
  • PRF helps bone grafts heal more quickly so that you can receive dental implants. 
  • We can make PRF while you are having your procedure. It’s fast and convenient. 
  • PRF reduces inflammation and prevents infection. That means less pain and tenderness for you. 
  • PRF means that you can get back to your life faster.
  • While dentists were the first to use PRF,  other medical professionals are taking notice. It’s now routinely used for joint and tendon surgeries, sports injuries, and even to cure male pattern baldness!  When you unleash your body’s healing potential, you see great results. 

Is PRF really safe? 

Yes! PRF only uses material from your own body.  That means that there’s no risk of disease, contamination, or toxins.  We simply place it in the wound site during surgery and then let it go to work. 

The platelets encourage the cells surrounding the wound to reproduce, growing new tissue to replace lost cells. With PRF, we're not introducing anything new into your mouth.  We're just telling the cells that are already on the site to heal and grow as quickly as possible. 

How can I get PRF during my next procedure? 

Nederland Family Dental is proud to be one of the few practices offering PRF in the Nederland Beaumont, Lumberton, Winnie & Bridge City communities. If you’d like to heal more quickly after dental procedures, call us for a consultation, and let our phone team know that you’re especially interested in PRF therapy during your dental surgery.    

Call today to reserve your consultation, and find out why dentists and surgeons around the United States use PRF to help their patients heal.